Troutman Funeral Home - history

Troutman Funeral Home has a unique history dating back to the early 1900s. Local businessman Henry Brown built the home in 1912 as a place to raise his family. His son Mason married a young woman from Troutman named Annie. Mason and Annie Brown eventually relocated, spending time in Mooresville and High Point.

In 1956 after her husband passed away, Annie moved back to Troutman and Mason’s childhood home. She turned the home into a boarding house – a welcoming place that almost every newlywed and teacher in town called “home.”

In 1989, Annie moved to Missouri to be closer to her daughter. She sold the home to Jim and Susan Sappenfield, who carefully restored it and created Troutman Funeral Home. Today, the home is still symbolic of the importance of family, just as it has always been.

Annie Brown passed away in 1996 at 104 years of age, but the legacy of “family” lives on at Troutman Funeral Home.